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The Soft Fantasies official tabletop game!
Released as a Tabletop Simulator addon on Steam Workshop.
Play it yourself with the links on the bottom of the page.

How to play!

First of all, we need to choose the character we are going to be on this game, for this, you can use one of the predefined tokens of my characters and those of other very nice people who allowed me use theirs OR you can made your own Character Token to play!


Character tokens have 3 simple "stats" and 6 different and very variated "Likes and interest".
These stats are Weight, Height And Body Build.

In the "Weight" stat you can have; "Very Thin", "Thin", "Average", "Chubby" and "Superchubby".
In the "Height" stat you can have; "Very Small", "Small", "Average", "Tall" and "Very Tall".
In the "Body Build" you can have; "Out of shape", "Average", "Athletic", "Muscle" and "Bodybuilder".
Finally, they can have 6 aditional "Likes and interest" that can be VERY variated, depeding on the on player of course.

And since, of course, this is a board game, we have a board.
So here it is, the "place" where our characters will be hanging out on and exploring around~


Each player starts their "day" with 12 stamina points. We can use a 12-faced die, or anything like that to count of how many stamina points we have left.

You can't move to a place next to you if it doesn't have a "gap" between the place you are and the place you want to move.

This is a game based on Turns. The host or player who suggested to play the game goes first, then proceed clockwise. Each player can only take up to 3 actions per turn!

These actions can be: Move to another place, Check the current place and "Interact with a buddy.
All these actions can be taken in any order and can be repeated. For example; Move, Move, Check. 1 Stamina point is consumed every time we take one of these actions!

How to win!

The objetive of the game is simple, the first player who successfully befriends "Buddies" whose "Difficulty" sums up 10 or more "Paws" Wins!

After each player has chosen and placed his token on the board, shuffle the deck of cards next to the board and place a card from the top of the deck face down on each tile on the board, except for the "Start/Dormitory" tile. Then the game beggins!

When a player does a "check" action over a faced down card, they must reveal it. There are 3 kind of cards in this game: Buddies, Items and Events!


These cards are the main objective of the game, collect them to win!


Items have different effects and can be used whenever you want during your turn. If you find one, keep it.


All kinds of different events can occur on this game. When you find an event card it happens immediately.

Remember you only have 12 stamina points? Well, maybe that won't be enough to befriend all buddies in one single day. So, What happens when you run out of stamina points?

Well, the moment the stamina of a player reach 0, if he/she is not "interacting" with a buddy, their character token goes back to the dormitory. (in order to rest...)
That player's turns will be skippped until all players run out of stamina and go to sleep.
(Once you are sleeping, you cannot gain more stamina poits from the efects of items or events)

Once that happens, the day will be over and all cards on the board (both face-up or down) will return to the deck, then we shuffle it and start a new day in the same way as the first one!

How to befriend

Weeeell... it's very easy, but please pay atention~
Buddy cards have some green, red and colorless rectangles in it. So to befriend a buddy your character token must have at least 3 things that the buddy likes (Green coloured), so you can befriend it just because it likes your body type, or maybe you share some likes and interest! BUT be careful, if your character matches a red coloured preference that will count as -1. So, for each red match you have with a buddy, you will need an aditional green match to befriend them.
( 4 - 1 = 3 )

Links and Downloads

Steam Workshop
Blank player token
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