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Soft Fantasies

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Welcome to “Soft Fantasies” A furry visual novel focused on weight gain. Where you take the role of a chubby puppy who just moved to a new city to study in a prestigious academy.

In this new life you will find a great variety of characters with different personalities and tastes. You decide what will happen depending on a wide range of decisions to be made for each chapter.
There will be many different endings. Try to get the one that suits you best!

Important Notice!

When you see this overlay on a path selection, it means:
RED: Sex scene, very explicit nudity, maybe violence and hardcore fat fetichism
BLUE: Non sexualNudity, Minnor fat/chub fetichism
PS: If you select or evade "sexual" scenes, it will influences the events of the novel

Links and Downloads

Play web version
Download for Windows, Mac OS or Android
Soft Fantasies Official Discord

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