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Furtatic Battle

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Furtatic battle is a furry trading card game with a simple battle system but great depth, various art styles and characters donated by it's awesome community.
On the links section on the bottom of the page you'll find the Steam Workshop link to play it yourself. Be sure to install Tabletop Simulator beforehand.

How to Build your Deck

In order to start playing, the first thing to do is create a deck of exactly 50 cards, for this you just have to load the mod "Furtactic Battle" in Tabletop Simulator, there you will find all the cards available in the game.
They are separated into 4 piles: unit, event, equip, and terrain cards.
To search among them just right click a pile and select "search", this will open a window with all the cards inside each pile, here you can observe them and drag them with the mouse out of the pile to anywhere else in the board.


Your deck must have 50 cards, no more, no less. You can have any combination of up to 3 copies of any units, events, equips, and terrains cards you want. (Except for those in the BANLIST)

Remember that in the mod there's only one copy of each card, so if you want to have more than one, all you have to do is hover the cursor over the card you want to duplicate and press CTRL + C then CTRL + V (Copy and paste).

Once finished and having stacked your deck, you only have to save it as an object. For this you just have to right click and select save object, give it a name and that's it! It will be saved, ready to be loaded at any time in your saved objects list.


Types of Cards

Unit cards

The unit cards are the most important in the game, since they are the ones who will fight and work for you to achieve victory! They have various stats as explained below:


Event cards

The event cards have very useful effects for building strategies around them. There are all kinds of effects, some very useful for any type of deck and others more focused on certain strategies.

To use them you only have to pay their cost, "activate them" (apply the effects as written) and then discard them.


This card could work very well with any strategy.


This card would only work on certain decks or strategies.

Equip cards

The equip cards are used to improve or affect both friendly and enemy units.
You can "equip" these cards to any unit on the field that does not have any cards already equipped.
Most of the time it's better to equip them to your own units, but there are some that affect the equipped unit negatively.


This card makes the equipped unit stronger.


This card gives the equipped unit an ability.

Terrain cards

The terrain cards work as a permanent effect, usually for your side of the field, but there are some that also affect the opponent.

These are placed in the terrain card zone, and you can only have one active at a time. If you want to place a new terrain, the previous one is discarded.


This card has both positive and negative effects.


This card affects both you and your opponent.

Card Zones


1) Battlefield: this area with 5 spaces will be where your units arrive to fight.
Once all the zones have been occupied, you will not be able to summon any more units in any way until one of them is removed from the field, leaving a free space for a new unit to occupy.

2) Equipment: in this zone you can place the equip cards that are equipped to the unit in the zone directly next to them.
Remember that each unit can only have one equip card equipped at a time, and once they are equipped you will no longer be able to remove said equipment except with card effects.

3) Workplace: Units located here do not count as being "on the field" and lose any effects they have, except for at work effects.
At the start of your turn, you will gain an amount of paw coins equal to the sum of the attack of your units in this area, then place 1 damage counter on each of those units. If the damage counters equal their HP discard them as normal.


1) Terrain: Here's your active terrain card. Remember that you can only have one active at a time.

2) Wallet: Here you will place your Paw coins.

3) Deck zone: Here you will place your loaded deck when starting a game. Remember to shuffle it well before playing!

4) Discard pile: all discarded cards are stacked here

5) Lost area: Cards can only end up here due to card effects. Once here, you will not be able to recover or interact with them until the end of the match.

6) Your hand: Your hand has no card limit. Use them wisely!

Starting a Match

Once both players are ready with their decks loaded and shuffled, the players will decide who goes first randomly, either by a coin flip or dice rolls.

Both players draw 7 cards from their deck, if your initial hand does not suit you, you can mulligan, this means returning your entire hand back to the deck, shuffling it and drawing 7 new cards, but each time you decide to mulligan, your opponent will start with 1 extra paw coin in their wallet.

Both players will start with 20 life points each, these points can be presented in any way they like. we recomend you use 20-faced die for this. (You cannot have more than 20 life points) And 7 paw coins.


Your Turn!

At the start of each of your turns you must draw a card from your deck, even if you got the first turn of the game. If you have Working Units do not forget to add the corresponding Paw coins and put 1 damage counter on those units.

What you can do during your turn is... whatever you want in the order you want! As long as you have enough money, of course, just like in real life... 😅

You can summon units, equip cards, activate events, set terrains, and declare attacks in any order you want while it's still your turn. Once your turn is given to the opponent, you will have to wait for it to be your turn again to be able to continue doing things.

The only restriction is that attacks cannot be declared on the first player's first turn. But the second player can attack on their first turn.


On your turn you may use your units to fight, even the ones that just arrived on the field. All units can attack only once (Unless a card effect says otherwise). You can choose which enemy unit to attack, but if your opponent does not have any units, then your attack will hit your opponent's life points!

When two units fight there will be a "damage exchange", that is, both units receive damage equal to the ATK of the unit they are fighting.

At the end of the fight, if any units ended up with damage points equal to or greater than their current HP, the unit is destroyed.


Winning and Losing

In order to win, you have 3 options:

  • Reduce your opponent's life points to 0
  • Your opponent starts his turn with his deck zone empty
  • Your opponent's wallet and battlefield get completely empty


Once per Turn: you can activate the effect of these cards only once at any time you wish during your turns.

Arriving: This effect only activates when the unit is summoned to the field from anywhere, its effects do not affect them unless specified on the card.

Legacy: These effects only activate if the unit was destroyed while on the field.

Destroyed: When a card gains damage counters equal to its health points it is considered "destroyed" and is discarded.

Stunned: When a card is "stunned" it cannot attack during its next turn.

At Work: These effects are only valid if the unit is in the work area and they are the only unit effects that apply within that area.

Links and Downloads

Steam Workshop
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