Ziul Walls Games

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About Ziul Walls Games

While we could've never dreamed of this little project coming this far, we are honored that it has and we will rise to the occasion.

We as Ziul Walls Games are here to make fun furry games for everyone to enjoy, be them tabletops for every age or more mature stories, we have an undying passion for gamemaking that despite the challenges we have faced, will continue to grow!


Ziul Walls

Founder / Lead Developer

Founder and the mind behind these games. An overachiever through and through. Physician, artist, game developer and now company founder. The talents of this husky know no bounds.


"Katagon" Lucero

Localization / Community Manager

The 'small details' guy. Sometimes a web designer, sometimes a friendly face on the chat. Responsible for delivering these amazing games to the widest audience possible.